Daniel Weiskopf - Students Advising   

  Student Supervision at Universität Stuttgart   

Current PhD Students - Supervisor

Supervisor of Completed PhD Theses

Completed MSc Theses and Diplom-, Studienarbeiten

See the chronological list of completed theses.

  Student Supervision at Simon Fraser University   

Senior (Co) Supervision (Completed)

Visiting Students - Supervisor (Completed)

Member of Supervisory Committee (Completed)

  Diplom/Studienarbeiten, Universität Stuttgart: 2000-2005   

Diplomarbeiten at Universität Stuttgart (German MSc Equivalent)

Studienarbeiten at Universität Stuttgart (German Theses on Graduate Level)

  Diplom/Zulassungsarbeiten, Universität Tübingen: 1998-2000   

Diplomarbeiten at Universität Tübingen (German MSc Equivalent)

Zulassungsarbeiten at University of Tübingen (German Theses in Education)

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by Daniel Weiskopf