Daniel Weiskopf - Real-Time Volume Graphics   

Real-Time Volume Rendering

Real-Time Volume Graphics

Klaus Engel, Markus Hadwiger, Joe M. Kniss, Christof Rezk-Salama, Daniel Weiskopf

Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: July 2006
Publisher: AK Peters
ISBN: 1-56881-266-3

AK Peters

Link to Book Web Page: http://www.real-time-volume-graphics.org


Based on course notes of SIGGRAPH course teaching techniques for real-time rendering of volumetric data and effects; covers both applications in scientific visualization and real-time rendering. Starts with the basics (texture-based ray casting) and then improves and expands the algorithms incrementally. Book includes source code, algorithms, diagrams, and rendered graphics.

Additional Resources

Additional resources, such as an annotated bibliography, data sets, image gallery, tutorial notes can be found on the Book Web Page: http://www.real-time-volume-graphics.org.

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