Information for Potential PhD Students / Research Associates   

Information for Potential PhD Students / Research Associates

We are frequently looking for new, incoming PhD students or research associates, even if we may not advertise for specific job openings. Therefore, I encourage highly qualified, potential PhD students or research associates to contact me for possible job openings.

Work Environment at VISUS

VISUS (Visualisierungsinstitut der Universität Stuttgart) is a newly founded research institute of Universität Stuttgart. With a total of 3 faculty members (professors) and various externally funded research projects (e.g. with the DFG-funded Excellence Cluster Simulation Technology, Collaborative Research Centers SFBs 627 und 716, DFG-Priority Program Scalable Visual Analytics, several additional DFG projects, EU funding), VISUS and the Institute of Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) provide an inspiring, highly dynamic, and well equipped environment for internationally visible research in visualization, visual analytics, computer graphics, interactive systems, and visual computing.
Information on VISUS und VIS:,

Expected Background and Experience

Excellent university degree (e.g. Diplom or MSc), preferably in computer science or in mathematical, technical, engineering, or natural science majors with connection to computer science aspects. Ideally, you have thorough experiences in visualization, computer graphics, or similar topics, as well as good programming skills (typically in C or C++). In addition, good communication skills in English (oral and written) are required. I expect the willingness to learn German, if you do not have German language skills yet.

Expected Material

(Adopted from Jian Pei, SFU)

Please send the above information to (either electronically as PDF files or by physical paper letter):
Prof. Dr. D. Weiskopf, VISUS, Nobelstr. 15, 70569 Stuttgart
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