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Lizards suck

It's actually sad that SuSE picked a lizard as their mascot, because lizards don't suck. In fact, lizards are pretty cool. I remember when I was a kid my mother used to feed a lizard on our garden. Mom called it "Clementina", and she used to talk to it. The lizard would just sit there on the top of a large leaf and listen to Mom (yes, I'm actually convinced the lizard listened to her). Clementina changed over the years (these are small lizards I'm talking about, I don't think they live long), sometimes it was brownish, sometimes it was green, sometimes larger and sometimes smaller. But it was always cool.

On the other hand, the SuSE lizard... it sucks so much that selling copies of SuSE Linux to small children should be forbidden. It starts with the bloody "Have a lot of fun..." MOTD. Yeah, yeah, I can picture this looser reading this self advancement book about how to make your customers happier and having this brilliant "Have a lot of fun..." idea. After plenty of times not having fun while using "this", reading "Have a lot of fun..." for the nth time really gets on your nerves. And that sucks, because there goes your day right at the beginning of it. (Yes, I know where this comes from. No, my problem is not "my" box)

Then there's the issue with i486-suse-linux. Can that be more broken. Please? Get this thru your skull, Mr. Brilliant Exec: Linux is Linux is Linux. It doesn't help you if you make your distro a "bit" different. It hurts you. It goes like this: Joe Average: I can't run the binary you send me, it spits out some cryptic message when I try. Your customer: oh? I can run it fine here. Duh! It's called "binary compatibility", if you never heard of it. It's about being able to run binaries compiled on other people's boxes. It's about not making people loose time chasing problems due to you trying to lock customers into your product. That plain sucks.

And then there's the general brokenness of the way the X Windows System is installed. make World. That should do it, right? Wrong. host.def must be empty, you morons! Gads, actually reading the documentation is Other People's Problem, isn't it? No. It's not. It's yours! And then the whole mess with backspace. That whole "linux does this wrong" argument is bull! How come I use only Linux at home, yet I don't have a single problem with this. I can even log in to another box, and I still don't have a problem. Gods, I can even log in to a SuSE box and I still don't have a problem! But what if I log from a SuSE box? Then I have to start fixing stuff, only thing is, I'm not fixing it, I'm breaking it. And breaking stuff sucks!

And the unholy ammount of non-free software you get shoven down your throat. Please tell me why on earth do I want all this garbage on my system by default? My box has something like one GB of software installed on it (along the lines of 700+ packages), and that's a freaking lot more than what it should have (but it includes properly working TeX and X installations). A default SuSE install occupies three times as much. That... sucks!

SuSE might have picked a Succubus as a mascot. At least they wouldn't be giving lizards a bad name.

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