First of all: be polite!

Undocumented code sucks!

Fact of life: programmers don't like the idea of documenting code. It's as it was some sort of sin to document code. You may have just written a masterpiece for all I care. If it's not documented, it just plain sucks. Not only has everybody else waste time fishing bits from here and there in order to understand what's going on with your code, you'll eventually have to do likewise.

Fact of life: when programmers are given automated tools that take a good part of the burden that is documenting code from them, they'll just work arround the tools. They are told: "put this at the head of your class declaration, and the tool will generate nice documentation with cross references and whatever bells and whistles you want". What happens? They name a class "SuperDuperIntegrator" and the so called documentation reads "Super Duper Integrator". I'm sorry, that's not documentation, that's a waste of time and it makes my eyes hurt.

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