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Death sucks... or does it?

Espy passed away. That took us by surprise. We didn't really know what was going on. He kept his condition to himself and we didn't really know about it until his father told us about his death. But he lives on. He lives on all those boxes arround the world where his work makes it easier, more dependable or even more fun for many people the experience of using a DGL distro. And that won't be forgotten, even if not everyone knows that Espy had something to do with it. He won't be forgotten by the people who worked with him. He always went to the point, without trying to soften things up. He didn't mind if his opinion was too direct, he would just express it. That's something you don't find everyday everywhere. But not only that. He also joked along, and even if we didn't knew it at the moment, we learned to love Espy.

Then there's Chris. Not as vocal, but nonetheless as important. That one came not by email but as a "headline". Car accident. And Fab... he joked a bit about it: "Fab is getting some required upgrades". I remember reading that, feeling surprised and mailing him a short "get well soon" message. A couple months later, next thing I know is that we are sending our sympathies to Fab's family.

And I learned just today that Douglas Adams passed away a couple of days ago. And I learned about it in the most strange way, since I hadn't read any news lately. I was doing my Sunday morning comic round, and I hit one where it said DNA had passed away. *blink*. Who? Not him, that's got to be a joke. But no, this is the kind of thing you don't mess arround with. This is the guy that gets late to everywhere! He can't die before turning 50! But then again, it suits him.

The point is, even if the individual facts suck, they also make you ask why. This is people you don't "know" in the traditional sense. Sure, you relate to them in some way, but you don't know them. Why do you get all bummered down then? Can it be because it's people that have brought joy and good things to your life? You didn't get to sit down and share a meal on a sunday afternoon with them, but they gave you something they had made themselves to you. They gave you a bit of their lives and it because a bit of yours.

So, no, this isn't ranting. This is weird way of saying "thank you guys".

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