First of all: be polite!

Cluelessness sucks!

Here's your tipical scenario: Joe Admin wants to install this particular piece of hardware on a Linux machine. He goes to the website of the Company Without A Name, looks for the Linux drivers (and finds them!), looks for the link that says SuQui Distro and click!. Installs the drivers and then uses the Spiffy Slicer and Dicer Tool (otherwise known as SSaDT -- please excuse me, my keyboard has a problem, I can't get capitals right today) to configure the X server. Wait, the Spiffy Tool says it can't find the drivers! After some failed attempts, the all-in-one solution is used (it's known as "phone" in other parts of the world)...

"I installed the drivers, ran the Spiffy Tool but it says it can't find the drivers", he says and you reply "then don't use the Spiffy Tool". "I beg your pardon" is the atonished answer. "Just don't use the Spiffy Tool, configure the X server by hand" you say, while trying to stay calm. "But the spiffy tool is... is... spiffy! It must work!" Hmmm, try to stay calm is all you think, while saying "it won't work, it doesn't support this version of the drivers" and then you realize this is going to be a very long day unless you solve this problem promptly. "You know what, let me give you a hand".

You get to the scene of the crime (yet to be committed) and start looking arround while trying to deviate as little as possible from the fool-proof method. The libraries look ok, there's some cruft left behind, you get rid of it and keep moving. After some examination you spot the problem: this version of the drivers doesn't like the currently installed X server. You have to upgrade it. You do that (after some bumps on the road, your own fault) while Joe is falling asleep besides you... does this look boring to you? It certainly is to me, the least you could do is pretend you are insterested!

After a couple of minutes you get the damn thing up and running... and you explain Joe how to do it the next time... and what does Joe want to know? He wants to know if he can use the Spiffy Tool! If this isn't cluelessness I don't know what to call it, but it sucks!

Addendum: "scheduled downtime"? Uhm... does it taste good?

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