First of all: be polite!

What's with this anyway?

A few people have asked what's up with this... nothing. This is just my little corner where I write about the things that bother me. My views of the world are at times unusual and some might even go as far as saying "extreme". I don't think so. They are my views. The stuff I write about here is stuff I feel strongly about. This is not all the stuff I feel strongly about of course, I wouldn't have enough time to write all that, but it's some of it. This is important for, and I have trouble understanding people who can't express a counterargument or just plainly state that they don't agree with you. I think those are in the low end of the food chain. I really can't picture someone getting out of something by just saying "but that's only my opinion" or "but that's just a personal opinion". In my book, those people are cowards. If you can't stand by your ideas, you are not worth standing by. There are situations when it's appropiate to say "that's my opinion", because that's what you are expressing and you don't want it mistaken by that of your company, family, organization or whatever else. But if you consistently try to bring things to a "peaceful end" by saying that that was just your opinion, well, I won't miss you.

Da other rants

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