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The black pages are back in fashion

I've been here in Stuttgart for a while now. I can't really say I love the city, at least not in the same way I say I love Washington, D.C. or Chicago, but all in all it's not that bad. It does have its downsides: public transportation is good, but kind of sucks late at night; the working hours on Saturdays are plain wrong (something unholy in the morning to 4 pm) and don't even mention Sundays; it's a bit awkward when it comes down to eating (salad should not look like fruit loops and it should not have slimy stuff all over). On the positive side of things, Stuttgart is home to a not-so-trivial ammount of Hip Hop bands with an unexpected mix of German and English (personally, I crave for a bit more of acid jazz, but then again, I'm in the wrong country for that). A generilized opinion seems to be "in Stuttgart ist sowieso nix los" (there's nothing going on in Stuttgart) but that lies on the overstated side of things, the city (and its surroundings at large) can be cool if you have the right attitude...

'nuf ranting...

My stuff

There should be a note about GL-fu here...

spyGLass, my OpenGL call tracer, is hosted at SourceForge.

Milan Ikits and myself have taken a shot at the long standing problem of dealing with OpenGL extensions in a "portable" way. The result is the OpenGL Extension Wrangler.

You need a dpy on that machine over there? You might give this a shot. It's evil, but I need it.

A quick hack to get VNC working with OpenGL: glxforker. It actually can be used to duplicate an OpenGL context on a second X server without adding a single line of code to existing programs. Kudos to Simon Stegmaier for the idea and first implementation using Qt. Optimizations pending.

Blending images with MMX? Yes, we have that sir. Is gcc extended assembly ok?

Realtime volume rendering. This is not my "implementation", but it's basically my idea. Anyway it's way up there on the coolness scale.

Are graphic-chip makers crazy? Yes. [PS] [TXT] (the dashed curve is a conservative estimate: the number of transistors on modern GPUs double every 12 months). Will this slow down? Probably. Cooling is a significant problem and you can't just ignore it.

God dammed raytracer.

Cute retouched group shot of our group. I wish I could remember who made the original picture. Not everyone is present. Bummer. (l-t-r: Martin, Norbert, myself, Dirc, Alfred, Sabine, Hermann, Tom, Andreas, Martin, Daniel, Prof. em. Dr. Rul Gunzenhäuser, Simon, Manfred, Matthias, Joachim, Martin, Guido)


More info...

Neato tricks with bits...

Is that number a power of two? x & (x-1) == 0

Given a 32 bit integer x, a solution for p >= x such that p = 2n where n is an integer, can be found by:

r = x - 1;
r |= r >> 16;
r |= r >> 8;
r |= r >> 4;
r |= r >> 2;
r |= r >> 1;
p = r + 1;

(or put in another way: what's the next power of 2 greater or equal than x?

x/255 = (x + 0x80 + (x + 0x80) >> 8) >> 8; x in [0, 255*255]

Really cool stuff not here...

Abigail dreams about a web where content is more important that appeareance.

"What your mother would use if it was twenty times easier" (lately I've become convinced that your mother has to be a masochist not to use it. Stop. The. Pain. Please!)

Meets my definition of eleet (type starwars after logging in)

One of those jewels that can't be just ignored (what, your sorry browser can't follow that link? shame on you!)

You think you know Tux, huh? You ain't seen nothing yet...

The stuff you need but somehow you can't find...

The version of gears that outputs FPS in source format. (This comes with recent versions of Mesa -- no, I'm not the author of this, Brian Paul is).

glxinfo in source format. (This also comes with recent versions of Mesa).

A C operator precedence table in LaTeX and PostScript formats

Life with a powerwall made easy.

AGPGART patch to add support for Intel's 7205/7505 chipsets (verified to apply to 2.4.22-pre10)

AGPGART patch to fix problem on machnes with 4 GB of RAM (already present in 2.4.22-pre10)


One of the best book-to-silver screen adaptations ever made. Can't wait for the second third part.

It's not Blade Runner, but it's still one of those films that give SF a good name. And the sequel is neat, too.

Is it a B-Movie? I say yes! It's trash, and it's great!

Did Comedy Central have a problem with this? No, they did not. Did Lucasfilm have a problem? Yes, they did. They didn't allow it to complete. Why? Because they are a bunch of greedy bastards.

The author of the Ultimate Travel Guide

It's round. It's flat. It's a world. And it exists on l-space

And, of course, the always loved, always polemic, always fascinating... music.

I RPM, you RPM, we all RPM and go crazy while we are at it

Closing words...

My office (no, that's not me)

Perl is involved in the creation of this page, via the Template Toolkit. It rules, baby!, learn it!

VIM is involved in the creation of this page, and it also rulez, baby!

The only windows I do are the ones on the walls, the other kind is too complicated for me.

"How many fence posts does it take to put up a 100-foot fence if you put them every foot?" (wizardly words)

So long, and thanks for all the fish, you'll be missed.

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