IRIS Explorer Module: ReadDataRows

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        This module reads an ASCII file with rows of numbers and converts
        them to a one-dimensional lattice without coordinates.
        Each row with at least one number is converted to the data channels 
        of one grid point.


      Filename -- Text
         The path and name of the ASCII file.

      Skipped Lines -- Slider
         Number of lines to be skipped before starting to read data rows.

      Online -- Radio Box
         (Offline, Online).
         Whether output should be generated (online) or not (offline).


      Output -- Lattice
         (1-D, -vector, byte..double).
         A one-dimensional lattice without coordinates representing
         the data rows in the ASCII file.

      First Line -- Parameter
         The first line of the ASCII file.

      Second Line -- Parameter
         The second line of the ASCII file.

      Third Line -- Parameter
         The third line of the ASCII file.

      Textual Data -- Parameter
         A text parameter containing all textual entries of the file.
         Each textual entry in the file is represented in the lattice 
         by an index to the corresponding line in this text parameter.
         The Glyphs module is able to resolve these references and print
         the textual entry instead of the index. In order to do so
         this port has to be connected with the "Textual Data" input port
         of the Glyphs module.


      CullDataRows, MixDataRows, ReadPoints
      Martin Kraus (
      Visualization and Interactive Systems
      University of Stuttgart