Gates Wide Shut

A Gallery about Gates, Windows, and why they shouldn't be shut


This page is dedicated to the makers of todays most popular software. First of all I would like to state that I do not hate Microsoft; actually I have been using and still am using products by Microsoft. However, I never succeeded in using Windows efficiently and, therefore, switched to other operating systems for most of my work some years ago.

Everyone is invited to download these banners and pictures which are free of any copyrights as far as I know.

Banners by Paul J. Hinton

Once I stole one of P.J.'s great banners. Some months later they were no longer available on the web, thus I agreed on giving all of them a new home when we met in 1999. Here they are:

Picture: Digital Nervous Breakdown

Picture: Dilbert's Boss

Picture: Disinformation

Picture: Blue Screen

Picture: doN'T

Picture: NT headaches

Still pictures by unkown artists

Picture: Final Solution Picture: Internet Exterminator
Picture: recycled Picture: Windows NT
Picture: slave Picture: cement
Picture: vacuum Picture: solution


MS advertisement: "This way to the internet."
The Bill Witch Project
Surprise Bill

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