(use DOS-Shell with command volume.exe filename.dat)
Warning: some data sets require lots of main memory (especially in isosurface-mode)
at least 256 MB of memory recommended for the large data sets,
be patient when switching to isosurface-mode
(gradients are calculated and uploaded to graphics hardware)

random transfer function with high frequencies, see gallery (d/l 4 KB)
(use: volume.exe filename.dat rand.table)

Inner Ear (d/l 275 KB)

CT Head 256x256x256 (d/l 5,6 MB)

Bluntfin data set resampled at 256x128x64 
(d/l 212 KB)

ell data set 64x64x64 float (d/l 931 KB)

Cayley Cubic 64x64x64 (d/l 41 KB)

x^2 + y^2 + y^3 / 2 - z^2 - 1/3 == 0, 64x64x64 (d/l 225 KB)

Sphere (d/l 40 KB)

Bonsai scan with contrast dye (d/l 3.9 MB)

human head CT scan, small (d/l 200 KB)

human head CT scan large (d/l 1.4 MB)

Engine block (d/l 3.1 MB)

Human Head MR scan (d/l 13.5 MB)

Human Head MR scan, small (d/l 7.3 MB)

Teddy bear (d/l 635 KB)

Klaus Engel, 20. Apr 2001