SFB 627: Nexus
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SFB 627: Nexus
Project D2:

Context-Based Assistant Systems for People with Sensory Disabilities

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl

University of Stuttgart
Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems
Universitätsstr. 38
70569 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 (0)711 7816 332
Fax +49 (0)711 7816 340


The goal of this project is to develop multi-purpose assistant systems which allow users with sensory handicaps and with minor cognitive or physical disabilities safe and independent mobility. By combining local sensor data with information from environmental models these assistant systems should enable to compensate single or multiple handicaps and to provide users access to a theoretically limitless variety of environments.


- Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems    


- Project Head    
 - Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl   
- Research Assistants    
 - Bernhard Schmitz   
 - Dr. Andreas Hub   
- Basic Equipment Assistants    
 - Klaus Bosse   
 - Lorenz Kley   
 - Ulrike Ritzmann   
 - Alfred Werner